BED HERO Human PHEROMONE Cologne - (Women attractant)

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Bed Hero Pheromone Cologne for men is mixed with a powerful synthetic human pheromones specifically formulated specifically to attract women.

Warring Pheromone Cologne will instantly allow you to put out a strong social and sexual presence, This will make you appear more attractive on all levels of a women's psyche. If you want to be the guy that women flock to, you need to dab on some Bad Hero every time you go out.

The Women Will Be All Over You.

You'll be absolutely amazed! Although Bed Hero cologne is primarily for increasing your sexual attraction, it also serves well as an all round popularity booster, and it smells good too.

Aside from picking up girls. Pheromones can be used in many situations. For example meetings or business deals, or even put a spark back into your relationship with your current wife or girl friend.

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What does it do?
Our Pheromone cologne contains a scientifically engineered human sex pheromone (androstenone) that has proven effects on attracting the opposite sex. Just as animals use scents to attract others, humans possess the same senses which are incredibly powerful for sexual attraction! Feel the joy and attraction with this great pheromone formulas.

pheromones women attractant cologne

In creating Bad Hero cologne, only the highest quality synthetic human sex pheromones are added our cologne. These produce a scent designed to immediately attract women! Our pheromones create an incredibly powerful sexual attraction.

Will pheromones help me get more sex partners?
Yes. But not only that, they can be put to use to make friends, have more success at work, improve sales and close business deals, due to the fact that when you are wearing pheromones, people will like you more.

How do I apply it?
1 - 2 dabs on clothes or skin.

What are the ingredients?
Androstenone mixed with cologne.

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“...Incredable product. When I go out I basicly have my pic and choice of women. My friends cant understand why I always score, and Im not even that good looking or try. This is my little secret, thanks a lot...”

-- Shaun Ireland (21)